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Cebu City

Scholarship obtained through the intercession of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo

Greetings in Christ!

1 am Bryan from Cebu City, I'm 17 years of age and turning 18, this coming July 4. You know I am a member of the CFC Youth for Christ, however, I feel I'm not fully committed to my covenant but I lifted them up to the Lord knowing that He will gradually transform me and always be there to help me.

The reason why I wrote is that I have an answered prayer obtained from the " Prayer to Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo ". Every night when I have my prayer time, I always pray to God for Him to help me. You know I came from an average family. I have two brothers, one a fourth year college student and the other, a grade four student and being the second son, I am going to be a freshman college student and with this I have to avail of a scholarship grant for my financial support because my parents don't have a large income to support all our financial needs. My mama is a secretary of an institution here in Cebu and my father, a contractual worker. Before he was an employee of San Miguel Corporation, and was earning big but last 1990, he was paid as one of the early retirees due to technical advancement of the company. However, that same year, even though so depressed, he became closer to God as my parents joined the Christian Life Program of Couples for Christ and now we all belong to this family ministry.

Last May 1997, I applied for a scholarship program being sponsored by the SM Foundation Inc. and fortunately I got an application form and was given a schedule for an interview which will be on the last week of May and I had two weeks at least to prepare myself. I was so nervous at that time that I went praying for God's guidance and my mama advised me to pray to Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo for more prayers and guidance.

Then came May 27, 1997. There were 26 applicants all in all. I kept on praying because I was so nervous at that time especially during the interview and examination part. I felt so nervous and even fainting. But I believe God is within me. Thanks to my mom, for singing to me a Holy Spirit song which calmed me and gave me confidence that God's presence is there with me. Indeed I became one of the five chosen applicants out of 26. I was so happy at that time and went home praising God. For me it is the greatest gift and blessing God has given me and to my family. I would like to praise and thank God for everything and also I would like to thank Mother Francisca. I know she prayed for me too and all the saints I asked to pray for me. Please pray for me in my studies...

God bless you all and thank you!