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NOTE: Any argument contrary to the fact becomes invalid. In intercession, however, once granted by an intercessor, it cannot be an argument to the fact. The testimonies in these issues are languages of faith in the realities of miracles. As there may be contrariness in the judgment of the world, yet, in the level of faith, acts of intercession are acts of faith. They are acts of miracles. They can never be contrary to the facts. They are facts of faith. Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo's intercession are facts of faith and acts of miracle on those who invoke her assistance.

Sta. Catalina College
Legarda, Manila

Note: This Testimony was read on the 300th Anniversary of the formal Foundation of the Congregation on July 26,1996 at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral Intramuros, Manila.

Read by Ms. Editha Conception Canlas-

The word is metanoia, a total change of heart and mind. That is what exactly happened to my husband after I asked the Intercession of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo.

Before, my husband is one among those who are called Catholic. in name only, He does not believe in the priest, in confession and does not attend in any religious practice, and activities. A happy go lucky guy I may say who satisfies himself with vices because he believes that we work for self-satisfaction. I don't know what to do to change his lifestyle.

When I received the prayer. to Mother Francisca during the first launching of Pagpupugay Fair on July 26, 1994, I prayed it. This is exactly what I asked her, "Mother Francisca, once you became a housewife also. You knew and experienced how to be a wife, please help me bring my husband closer to God.

After a month, I noticed a significant change, with my husband. First - One Sunday, after reading the Sunday Inquirer Magazine my husband told me that he was struck with the reflection of the Sunday Gospel by Fr. Ben Villote. I was surprised because ever since we subscribe that newspaper and it was the first time I heard him talk about the "Word of God."

He said that according to statistics the average life span of Filipinos today is 60 years. If you are 55 years old now, you have only 5 years to make your life more meaningful and worthwhile. If you are 40 years old you have 20 years more to do good deeds to others. He said that he reflected on this and he wanted to share it to his co-teachers and students since he is. teaching in a non-.sectarian school. He said he wanted his naughty students to change and become serious in their studies.

Second, it was December before Christmas when my husband asked me to accompany him to a grocery store. 1 was puzzled and asked him why, we have enough for two weeks before the payday comes but he said that when he read that the "Center for Migrant Youth" is in need of goods, he promised himself to earn extra money to buy those things. I told him we don't know the place and he said we will look for It. So we looked for the place in Banawe, Quezon City and we found out that it is a place for the street children, disabled, child prostitutes and the abandoned children. We handed the good, and the person who welcomed us asked to sign his name on the log book but my husband said, "There's no need! God knows it.

Third –My husband started to join us in attending the Mass. One Sunday, he accidentally heard the sermon of Fr. Larry Faraon, O.P., a Dominican priest during a Sunday Mass at SM Centerpoint when we came early before the opening of the mall. From then on, we go to Mass every Sunday as a family. Whatever he heard on the sermon he shared with his friends, co-teachers and students. He started reading the Daily Gospel from the Daily Gospel Diary that we received as a gift. He always speaks of the name of the Lord when he talks. That's why many of his friend. and relative are asking if he is a born again Christian but he said "No, I am a renewed Catholic.

I firmly believe that Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo helped me bring my husband closer to God.