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Municipal Assessor
129 baras, Canaman
Camarines Sur 4402


It was on my way to the U.S. Embassy on a taxi when the radio announced of the graces of (Blessed) Mother Francisca and told the listeners to pray to her for help. Upon hearing it I prayed very hard to give me a lenient and understanding consul until I was interviewed by a very good consul and was granted a 10-year visa. this was the first grace she gave me.

The second incident was: I was operated in 1986, my left kidney was removed according to the Doctor who had operated me. I have lived for 15 years with only one kidney, that was my belief I carried for 15 years. This morning (August 28,2001), I was advised to have an ultrasound test to check on my kidney. So the night before, I prayed so hard to Mother Francisca to help me. The Ultrasound test was good and found out that not the entire left kidney was removed only half of it so I have 1 1/2 kidneys in my system. A mistake I carried for 15 years had not for the intervention of Mother Francisca I would not know of the actual status of my kidneys. At least this time I know that my right kidney is functioning normally and healthy.

Thank you very much for the help of MOTHER FRANCISCA DEL ESPIRITU SANTO, I will pray for you always and for your canonization as saint.