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History / Development

by Fr. Juan de Santo Domingo

In "Breve Relacion de la Fundacion y Progrese del Beaterio de Santa Catalina de Esta Ciudad de Manila": a manuscript completed by Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo on October 28,1711, 68 days after the death of Mother Francisca. The discovery of this manuscript was in 1911, when the Dominican Sisters and some ladies of Manila initiated the idea of celebrating the second centenary of the death of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo. Fr. Pedro Rosa, Vicar of the Dominican Sisters, inspired them in this great plan. In his judgment, it would be convenient to publish a book which would narrate in detail the foundation of the Beaterio and set out clearly the heroic virtues and marvelous deeds of the Dominican Religious who, in obedience to the Venerable Mother Francisca, chose to live and serve the Lord in the modest house of Mother Antonia, which grew until it occupied the whole block. Fr. Rosa preferred to reproduce an old and contemporary book than writing a new one. He talked with Fr. Julian Malumbres, Archivist of Sto. Domingo Convent, and proceeding to the Archives of the Dominican Province in the Section 30, MM-C-27. Legajo No. 6, (3) they were pleasantly surprised to find a manuscript of 50 pages perfectly conserved with the title: ‘Breve Relacion de la Fundacion y Progrese del Beaterio de Santa Catalina de Esta Ciudad de Manila, Hecha copied from the original manuscript, Fr. Rosa had it printed in book form of 196 pages. This will be referred to when necessary under the title Breve Relacion. The original Spanish text has been translated into English by a team of Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena under the title "The Beaterio de Santa Catalina: The Cradle Years of the Dominican Sisters in the Philippines", as a fitting commemoration of the Tri-Centennial Anniversary of the Foundation of the Beaterio de Sta. Catalina on July 26, 1996. Fr. Fidel Villaroel edited and added the preface in the English edition of the Breve Relacion. All the original manuscripts pertaining to the "Beaterio de Sta. Catalina" which includes the Breve Relacion (Vol. 1 pp. 1-49) are now APSR, "Santa Catalina", found in the Archives of the Monastery of Sto. Tomas in Avila, Spain. A copy in microfilm of all these manuscripts can be seen in the Archives of the University of Santo Tomas (AUST). Breve Relacion is in microfilm section, "Santa Catalina", Rollo 35, 15 pages. For references, the English edition will be generally used under the title "The Beaterio de Santa Catalina".

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