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"Breve Relacion de la Fundacion y Progreso del Beaterio de Santa Catalina de Sena
de esta ciudad de Manila, hecha y escrita por el P. Fray Juan de Santo Domingo, por cuyos cuidados
paso todo, Octobre 28, 1711."

Dear Friends this is the main source and complete title of the manuscript that can give us an authentic and comprehensive knowledge of the life, virtues and fame of sanctity of Mother Francisca.  From this primary source precedes all other publications that concern the Beatas, the Beaterio and the beginning of the Congregation of St. Catherine of Siena Philippines. We owe this to the benevolence of Fr. Juan de Santo Domingo and his Province.

Breve Relacion in Manuscript

Breve Transcription in Spanish

Breve Relacion in English

Breve Relacion in Filipino

Missionary Endeavor

Primer in Illustrated Form

Teacher's Guide

Mother Francisca's Way

Virtues and Values

Virtues Lived-Out by Mother Francisca

Supplement to the Virtues Lived-Out by Mother Francisca


Printable format is available FOR READING and RESEARCH purposes subject to FAIR USE. NOT FOR SALE or for any reason that involves monetary value and/or profitable intent. THANK YOU.

Mother Francisca intercede for us!

Within the 2 years of exile, the King ordered declarations from the Superiors of the Religious Orders and the Officials of the City of Manila about the existence of the Beaterio. All except one Superior objected. For this Mother Francisca humbly said: 


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