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Mother Francisca Commission

                                      Prioress General
                                 Mother Francisca-Chair

              Superior of Communities and Other Religious
                           & Schools Organizations

We, in the Mother Francisca Commission hereby commit ourselves to the following :


1. To plan ways and means to facilitate the beatification of Mother Francisca
2. To monitor the implementation of the plans, projects and activities toward the beatification of Mother Francisca.
3. To make a yearly evaluation of the activities of the commission.


1. To disseminate information regarding Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo.
2. To challenge the members of the Congregation to study the life of Mother francisca and be her living memories.
3. To encourage the Sisters and others to pray to Mother francisca.
4. To involve all the Sisters to work for the cause of Mother Francisca.
5. To involve the laity we work with and for in our various apostolates.
6. To monitor and keep records of favors requested and received through Mother Francisca.
7. To make a periodic evaluation of the activities of the different committees of the Commission.