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Testimonial by the LMAMFES Generalate Cluster

It all began when we the LMAMFES, were called for a meeting by our spiritual directress and MFC Chairman. We did not have the slightest idea what the meeting was about until we were told by inspiration that we were chosen to be the first group of the Lay Missionary Association of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo. Thus, we were installed last October 8,2000.

We all knew for a fact that it is no joke being a member of the LMAMFES. And so before our installation, we underwent eight weeks of formation in preparation for our worthy cause. The . formation process included . reading and further understanding "God's Word" and studying "The Breve". We also had several group sharings which allowed us to impart to others how we live our mysteries and virtues in our daily lives.

The LMAMFES are composed of adults who may be sing1e married, or professionals. We have promised to commit ourselves to the goal of introducing and praying for the canonization t of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo. Many have testified that through their devotion to Mother Francisca, spiritual, financial, and even physical favors were granted to them,

Soon after we were installed, we began visiting the bishops and priests of the different Vicariates to allow us to introduce Mother Francisca del Espiritu in their respective parishes/churches. Prayer cards and posters about Mother Francisca were also distributed to the parishioners. As of this writing, we have already gone through several churches in Quezon City , Makati, antl Manila; afterwhich we are planning to introduce Mother Francisca to the provinces allover the Philippines.

We are committed to achieve our main goal, and that is, to work for the canonization of our Foundress, Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo. And since our task is not that easy, we see to it that we always instill in us the virtues of perseverance, sacrifice,and humility.

Experiences we encounter with Parish Priests and Bishops , boost our ego to be more brave in facing difficulties, discouragement and frustrations. We try our very best to face every person from different walks of life in order to win their hearts for them to eventually accept and believe in Mother Francisca.