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The Confraternity is open to all young people adults (OP Or non-OP schools/communities) in 3 levels:
              • Primary Level --10-14 years old
              • Secondary Level --15-25 years old
              • Tertiary Level --26-above years old

Requisites for Admission:
             1. A practicing catholic who desires to follow the example of MFES and to make her known.
             2. A letter of intent to join COMFES.
             3. A letter of recommendation from the religion teacher/guidance counselor/parish priest/OP sister.


1. ASPIRANTS (Probationary Period (6 months) )
             • Read and study the life of MFES.
             • Attend monthly meeting.
             • Pray daily fOr the beatification of MFES
             • Pray daily a part of the Rosary.
             • Participate actively and devoutly in the Eucharistic Celebration.
             • Attend scheduled Recollection.
             • Observe and assist full-pledged members to make MFES known.

2. MEMBERS (Full-Pledged)

           •  Deepen knowledge of life of MFES through study groups.
           • Attend regular monthly meetings.
           • Pray daily for the beatification of MFES.
           • Pray daily a part of the Rosary.
           • Attend scheduled Recollection.
           • Participate actively and devoutly in the Sunday Eucharistic Celebration.
           • Be involved actively in the promotion of MFES's beatification by sharing in parish activities, giving talks, etc.
           • Do works of mercy, in particular, those towards the poor, sick and young.
           • Encourage and campaign for new members.


          1. Moderator

                     • Plans and implements the activities of the COMFES.
                     • Coordinates with the moderators of other levels.
                     • Assists, guides and promotes the members in their Christian and apostolic life according to the spirit
                       of Mother Francisca.

                     • Orients the members of the guidelines, the Confraternity's spirituality and apostolate.
                     • Prepares the courses of study of the life of Mother Francisca according to the group's level.
                     • Evaluates work of Confraternity and of the members. Shortens or prolongs the postulancy or juniorate
                        period depending on the performance of the member.

          2. Chair

                   • Leads the Confraternity.
                   • Promotes unity and development of the Confraternity in close collaboration with the moderator.
                   • Presents the agenda of the meetings and presides over it.

         3. Vice-chair
                 • Assists the Chair, substitutes for him/her in his/her absence, takes his/her place when the office is vacant
                    until the new Chair is elected.

        4. Secretary
                • Takes the minutes of all Confraternity meetings.
                • Responsible for all communications sent out and received in behalf of the Confraternity, especially
                  meeting notices.

        5. Treasurer
               • Responsible for keeping the funds with accurate records.
               • Gives regular reports at meetings of the accounts of the Confraternity.


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