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b.4. fraternal correction

Due to Mother Francisca’s great love and zeal for the glory of God, she did not hesitate to admonish and even scold some Beatas who took advantage of their going to church to meet and chat with lay acquaintances and discussing things that are not spiritual. Mother Francisca took notice that these slowly caused some of the Beatas to abandon their spiritual obligations, lose fervor, feel exhaustion and regret their avowed state of life.

When the Beatas were in exile in Sta. Potenciana, they were beset by many trials. Not having a Beaterio of their own, and not allowed to wear the habit but still following the rigors of common life by regular observance of rules and regulations like prayers and other spiritual exercises, have caused some of the Beatas to be restless and to waver in their vocation. Mother Francisca, out of charity and her love for the Beaterio, tried her best to advise the Beatas to persevere in their vocation.

Mother Francisca corrected the erring Beatas with prayers, love and compassion. With deep faith, she entrusted them to the Lord.