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b.2. as a Beata

Having donned the habit of the Tertiary of Penitents of the Order of St. Dominic, Mother Francisca while living in her home continued her charitable services with some pious women known to her until the Beaterio was founded.

Already in community in the Beaterio, Mother Francisca’s objects of charity were the Beatas who lived with her before, during and after the 2 years exile in Sta. Potenciana. As in any religious community, every sister is unique carrying with her the values taught and caught at home, society and environment.

One instance, an unhappy Beata wanted to leave the Beaterio under the pretext that the life in the Beaterio was rigorous. She left the Beaterio and eventually she needed help. Such situation, Mother Francisca’s compassion prevailed over the past incident that this Beata committed against her. Mother Francisca did not fail to assist her by requesting the Governor's Lady to protect her and then placed her in Sta. Isabel as a daughter of the Santa Mesa de la Misericordia.

Furthermore, her love and compassion to the poor and needy was shown when there was a scarcity of drinking water and she offered and allowed the poor people in the vicinity to fetch from the two big wells of the Beaterio.

Even amidst of difficulties coming from both out and within the community and already in the weakness of her old age, Mother Francisca was still concern for the welfare of the poor. She signed a receipt confirming that she received the amount of fifty pesos left by Don Juan de Escaño destined for alms for the poor.

Inspite of the trials she and the Beatas underwent: excommunication, dispensed from their vows, divested of their Dominican habits and then exiled for more than two years, Mother Francisca stood fast and faithful to her vocation.

Upon making the resolution and decision of their return to the Beaterio, Mother Francisca and the other Beatas could have just thought of the privileges they would enjoy in the enclosure. However, the love and mercy of God that she and other beatas experienced impelled them to extend that same love and mercy to others. As a community who became “of one heart and soul” through the love poured into their hearts by the Holy Spirit, they experienced an interior call to share everything in common including apostolic ideals and charitable service. Mother Francisca did not waste time in expressing such love and mercy of God to others.

Before returning to the Beaterio they felt a new way to greater perfection. In a letter to the Archbishop they stated their submission to the law of enclosure and their desire to have with them a large group of young native girls to educate them in the mysteries of the faith and Christian perfection. From then on, the Beaterio which was realized through the persistent prayers and tears of Mother Francisca and her love for the poor and the young carried on its mission as a school of sanctification and as an institution of learning primarily for the young poor native girls who from it acquired adequate preparation and disposition to the state of life where God was calling them. For Mother Francisca and the Beatas this was a better way of showing compassion to the young.