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a.3. devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

To contemplate and be with Christ in the Eucharist is the Holy Father’s call to all the faithful in the Third Millennium. And this in Mary’s school of prayer, contemplating Christ with Mary. The rediscovery of the treasure that is the Rosary of Mary as the sweet chain linking us to God and as the special instrumenrt of our spiritual nourishment is very vividly exemplified in the life of Mother Francisca.

At the instance of their spiritual adviser Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo, early on in the formation of the group of Mother Francisca, the decision was to have fifteen beatas in honor the mysteries of the Rosary. Each Beata would take a mystery of the Holy Rosary for her own particular devotion. This was in imitation of the same practice remembered by Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo to have been introduced in a convent of Dominican Sisters in the Canary Islands sometime in 1685 by Fr. Pedro de Santa María Ulloa, OP. Only later would the priest find out that such was already the idea of Mother Sebastiana, a mytic from Pasig and one of the original companions of Mother Francisca, long before.

When the Beaterio de Sta. Catalina was finally built out of the generosity of benefactors and of the Dominican Fathers, at last they have their own oratory. Mother Francisca right away ordered that the Rosary be prayed by the community three times a day: in the morning, early afternoon and at night. Mental prayer followed the Rosary at one o'clock in the afternoon, and again at midnight. It was the conviction of Fr. Sto. Domingo, that with the help of the Virgin of the Rosary, the lack of funds by the beatas did not prevent their acquisition of the needed resources.