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a.1 Piety and Love for Prayer

In the bloom of her youth, Francisca lost her husband and having been bereft of offspring, she devoted herself totally to the practice of spiritual exercises and to the rigors of self-mortification, as well as mental prayer and frequent reception of the Sacraments with admirable perseverance to her soul’s profit. Her home seemed not the habitation of secular people, but the dwelling-place of the most recluse religious, for her retirement and practice of spiritual exercises in vocal and mental prayer, made her home look like a chapel rather than an ordinary house inhabited by laymen.

She took the habit of the Dominican Tertiary, and with this new state she devoted herself anew to the exercise of piety and religion, observing with minute exactitude so blindly rendered, that she seemed to have lost her own will even on the most innocent and simple things. She with the other Beatas frequented the sacraments in the convent of St. Dominic, setting good example of humility and devotion.

She was not contented with her voluntary confinement in her house. She appealed to the Dominican priests and she moved heaven and earth in order to carry out her splendid idea.

The Lord deigned to grant the requests of His servant. The priests, who had opposed her idea, were now encouraging it. The difficulties disappeared in a manner which was miraculous to certain degree. The edifice was made ready with everything that was needed. The Beatas were very much pleased, particularly Mother Francisca for seeing realized what for many years she had desired and asked from God with persistent prayers and tears. On the feast of St. Anne of the year 1696, the Beaterio de Santa Catalina was formally established with Mother Francisca elected as Prioress for life.