Basic Facts on the Life of Mother Francisca

1. What is the main source and complete title of the manuscript from where we are given a comprehensive knowledge of the life, virtues and fame of sanctity of Mother Francisca?

Breve Relacion de la Fundacion y Progreso del Beaterio de Santa Catalina de Sena de esta ciudad de Manila, hecha y escritapor el P. Fray Juan de Santo Domingo, por cuyos cuidados paso todo, Octobre 28, 1711.


2. Who were the 4 pious women known to have given good example to the city of Manila as mentioned in the Breve?
3. In which Church did these 4 pious women frequent the Sacraments?
4. After spending her maidenhood which state of life did Francisca embrace?
5. How did Mother Francisca spend her life as a widow?
6. What did she pray for while contemplating on leaving the dress of a widow?
7. Why the habit of a Dominican Tertiary or that of a Franciscan?
8. What inspiration Francisca expressed persistently to Fr. Juan de Santo Domingo?
9. For Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo, her persistence was unreasonable thus labeled her as __ ?
10. With deep faith and trust in God, what was her inspired statement?
11. When was the formal establishment of the Beaterio de Santa Catalina?
12. What led to the excommunication of Mother Francisca and the Beatas by the Archbishop of Manila, Don Diego Camacho?
13. Within the 2 years of exile, the King ordered declarations from the Superiors of the Religious Orders and the Officials of the City of Manila about the existence of the Beaterio. All except one Superior objected. What was the reaction of Mother Francisca?
14. Before returning to the Beaterio from Sta. Potenciana, what was the request of Mother Francisca and the Beatas from the Archbishop in writing?
15. Upon arrival in the Beaterio, what did Mother Francisca intensely desire to have in the Chapel of the Beaterio which she asked from the Provincial and the Archbishop?
16. When her request was denied, what did she do?
17. What response did she get from the Provincial?
18. What was the response of the new Provincial and the Archbishop to her request about having a passageway connecting the Beaterio to the Choir of the Church of Colegio de San Juan de Letran?
19. Who took charge of the construction of the Passageway?
20. When was the newly renovated Choir loft blessed with a solemn Celebration of the Mass?
21. How was the physical condition of Mother Francisca after the inauguration of the Choir loft where the Beatas would come to pray and celebrate the Holy Mass?
22. When Mother Francisca could not anymore come to the Choir for the Holy Mass what step did Fr. Juan de Santo Domingo take for Mother?
23. After Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo gave her the Viaticum with solemnity given in the Dominican Order, Mother asking pardon from all her daughters and Fr. Juan de Santo Domingo what did he urge Mother Francisca to do next?
24. What was the response of Mother Francisca to Fr. Santo Domingo?
25. When Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo insisted and she has to do so in a loud voice what was Mother Francisca’s response?
26. How did Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo describe Mother Francisca everytime she receives Jesus in Holy Communion?
27. When was Mother Francisca born to eternal life?
28. When and where was she buried?


Mother Francisca is now Venerable!
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    Ms. Myrna Cano
......I don't know what to do to change his lifestyle... after I asked the Intercession of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo...     Mrs. Vilma S. Domingue

***** became my problem as to where should I get the money for his tuition fees, (I didn't want him to stop at that time). To solve the problem... during the mass in honor ...
    Mrs. Erlinda Sy
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 Edbryan Cayme