Q85. What was Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo’s interpretation of this incident?

A85.  He interpreted the incident as the Lord’s way for the good and benefit of the Beaterio.


Q99. Who interceded for the Beatas?

A99.  Don Juan de Escaño interceded for the Beatas. He said that Archbishop Camacho did not ask more than the fulfillment of the decree of Pope Pius V.


Q114. What was Mother Francisca’s reaction to the opposition?

A114.  She was silent for a time until Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo finished his term.


Mother Francisca is now Venerable!
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...So when I was already advised to undergo Andiogram, the last left of the series of medical exams before the operation, I was crying and telling Mother Francisca...   
    Ms. Myrna Cano
......I don't know what to do to change his lifestyle... after I asked the Intercession of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo...     Mrs. Vilma S. Domingue

***** became my problem as to where should I get the money for his tuition fees, (I didn't want him to stop at that time). To solve the problem... during the mass in honor ...
    Mrs. Erlinda Sy
...I have an answered prayer obtained... during the mass in honor ...I became one of the five chosen applicants out of 26...
 Edbryan Cayme