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Q43. The Beatas had been very anxious to make religious profession. When did they finally make it?

A43.  On July 26, 1696, Feast of St. Anne, the Beatas professed the vows of obedience, poverty and chastity after Fr. Gregorio Giraldez read to them the Rules and the Constitutions and the manner of professing the vows. This marked the foundation of the Beaterio.


Q57. As a benefactor of the Beatas, what were some of the highlights of Don Escano’s last will and testament?

A57.  A. He requested that:
- he be prayed for;
- the Beatas be free from soliciting gifts, inasmuch as they have in the community what ever they need;
- all things be in common;
- the Beatas imitate Jesus’ virtues;
- the Beatas desire the greater glory of God and strive after perfection;
- all his possessions and properties be given to the Beatas.


Q71. What did Mother Francisca do about the situation? How did the Beatas react?

A71.  Mother Francisca admonished the erring Beatas. She scolded them and threatened them with the zeal of the glory of God and the good of their state of life. Some Beatas reacted negatively and planned to leave the Beaterio. One of them, a god-daughter of Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo even went to the Archbishop and gave false reports about the Beatas.