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Q1. During the 17th century in the city of Manila, there were always some pious women, called Beatas wearing the habit of St. Dominic, who, while living in their houses set good examples of piety and charity. Who were some of these women?

A1.  Some of these Beatas were: Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo, Mother Antonia de Jesus Esguerra Fuentes, Mother Sebastiana de Jesus and Mother Maria Ana de Vega.


Q15. The following day again, after confession, Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo questioned Mother Francisca: “ Mother, what was the basis in telling me with much determination what you said yesterday? Was it a revelation or a dictate of the Holy Spirit?” What was Mother Francisca’s response?

A15. Mother Francisca was embarrassed and did not say a word.


Q29. What action did Fr. Domongo de Valencia take?

A29.  Under threat of excommunication, he told the Captain Prieto to do what was prudent and christian.