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Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo
Dr. Florentino H. Hornedo (1996)

Francisca de Fuentes was born to Don Simon de Fuentes and Dona Ana Maria del Castillo y Tamayo in the City of Manila in 1647. Francisca grew up to be a fine lady; and she was given in marriage to a gentleman who, by the inscrutable design of God, did not live long, leaving her a childless young widow.

Francisca then dedicated her time to prayer and social service helping many poor and sick in the city. In a vision in which she saw St. Francis and St. Dominic, she prostrated herself before St. Dominic. Because of this, she chose to be a Dominican, being admitted as a tertiary. in 1682. She chose the name "Francisca del Espiritu Santo."

In 1686, Francisca, Antonia de Jesus Esguerra, Maria Ana de Fuentes (blood-sister of Mother Francisca), and Sebastiana Salcedo requested that they be allowed to live together in a life of prayer and the practice of the virtues while continuing their social apostolate. After a brief hesitation, their request was sent to the Master General of the Order of Preachers in Rome, who approved it on January. II, 1688.