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She tempered this clemency with a high discretion. One of her carnal sisters fell ill and she was not given treatment in her cell, but in the infirmary instead. Though the nuns were despoiled later of their habits when they were transferred to Sta. Potenciana College, Mother Francisca did not consent to the neglect of the observance of the rules of the community. It was very edifying to see the community members practicing the rules as if they had been in their own cloisters. Her great care in their practice exasperated some beatas" who turned cold to the fulfillment of their duties as religious. The Mother was obliged to reprimand them, because their conduct required it. Our Lord, however, permitted her patience to be tested further, for the discontented "beatas" judged Mother Francisca as harsh and over rigorous. One of them complained to the Archbishop of the extreme sternness of Mother Francisca. This led to the "beatas" expulsion and the closing of the "beaterio". This was a severe blow dealt on the foundress, who saw destroyed in a moment what took years to build. In spite of this affliction, Mother Francisca showed herself patient and tolerant and incessantly requested the other Sisters that they pray to the Lord for the good of all, forgetting the offense that was directed against her. She showed the same compassion and solicitude to another "beata ", who, bored with the grind of community spiritual exercises in the Sta. Potenciana College, tried to get away from Mother Francisca's community. It was not possible, in spite of persuasion and diligence, to make her retain her vocation so that she returned to secular life. Mother Francisca condoled with her and asked for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, so that she might save the "stray sheep" from the path of perdition. Thus did Mother Francisca repay all those who maligned her with a good turn and a serene heart in the midst of blows and stabs from ungrateful souls. The "beaterio" was soon reestablished through the prayers of Mother Francisca and her perseverance amidst adversities and hard labor, with which she assured the safety of her vineyard. She then offered ampler proof of her humility which elevated her work to the highest perfection. Once she would have renounced her capacity as prioress and would have preferred to be a subordinate, but her high sense of duty and obedience led her to carry her burden of responsibility until death. She was modest and chaste in her actions, in which could be detected not the slightest blot or blemish. She was a lover of silence that she was heard to talk only about what was most necessary. Often her conversation was about God, as was the case of her holy patriarch St. Dominic, who helped her greatly in her devotion to the Holy Rosary which she prayed at every hour of the day. She was gifted with prophetic ability, because her ample experience made her realize the happening of many events that she had foretold beforehand. It was this gift that made her sure of the foundation of the "beaterio" despite the opposition of the prelates and other superiors. When told that the "beaterio" could not be realized, the Venerable Mother said, "nothing can resist God", as if implying that by divine revelation God had made known to her the subsistence of the "beaterio" even if difficulties increase. And effectively, the arduous enterprise was verified as was predicted.

     The Lord preserved her life amidst much toil until her desire was fulfilled seeing the "beaterio" and Letran College united, which she longed for deeply, so that her "beatas" might have the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament at close range with a choir apt and capable for the Divine Office. Even before all this she was ill, but her tolerance covered up whatever weakness afflicted her. She was 63 years of age and her severe penitence and mortification, her rigorous fasting and untold privations added to her way downward. All this time she frequented the Sacraments, and finally seeing her end drawing near, she herself asked for Extreme Unction with courage of spirit. Fortified by the Holy Sacraments, she gave up her spirit peacefully to the Creator on August 24, 1711, leaving behind her the aroma of sanctity and renown, as the following chapter affirms.



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