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Even in this state, the Venerable Mother manifested great zeal in the observance of the rules and for the greater honor and glory of God, so that her opinions were highly regarded when any aspirant came along to request the habit of the Order. Still unsatisfied with this kind of life she insisted upon the foundation of the "beaterio" wherein she could profess a totally austere and religious existence. Her trials and difficulties had started much earlier as the previous volume narrates, yet she desired them all and though against the wishes of the prelates, she stubbornly insisted upon her desire. Once after confession she expressed this desire to Fr. Juan de Sto. Domingo regarding the foundation of the Beaterio, and somewhat displeased the Father reprimanded her for her "impertinence". But all undaunted, she prophetically declared, "Father Prior, the "beaterio" will be established and your reverence will see it." She sounded so sure of her words that the Father was rather confused. He asked her whether the foundation had come to her as a revelation from the Holy Spirit. Seeing her blush, Fr. Sto. Domingo discontinued his questioning. Yet, just as she had predicted, the "beaterio" was founded and Fr. Sto. Domingo was able to see it, and what is more, almost unconsciously he worked hardest to obtain Mother Francisca's desire.

The "beaterio" founded, Mother Francisca, was considered its foundress and first prioress until her death. Her exemplary life, zeal in the regular observance, self-mortification, and other virtues that shone in her and made effective her management of the "beaterio", resting upon her great honor of a promising future for that new vineyard, with her as its custodian. She was first in the accomplishment of the religious functions to which she added many others of her own initiative. All her free time she devoted to prayer in the choir, day and night. The Lord favored her with a liberal hand, granting her benefits and instructing her in the way to achieve certain accomplishments which presented difficulties. One of them was the joining of the "beaterio" to San Juan de Letran through a passageway between the two houses. Mother Francisca had wished to have the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel, but not having obtained permission for it, she thought to have the passageway leading to Letran College. This was also the object of opposition, but the Lord granted her wish by knocking at the head of her bed which was close to the Letran choir. Knowing this to be God's expression of approval for her wish, she repeated her request to her confessor and the Provincial, and her problem was solved and her desire finally granted.

Charity and love of God reigned supreme in Mother Francisca, according to Fr. Sto. Domingo who observed her greater zeal in dealing with the poor grows deeper in spite of her success at founding the "beaterio". She practiced greater abstinence so as to save some more food for her poor. Any affliction that others suffered aggrieved her especially those that affected her Sisters in the community. For all her privations she still preserved her affability and clemency.


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