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Notwithstanding her spiritual activities, Mother Francisca wished to profess her religious vows to God. She redoubled her prayers beseeching the Lord to guide her on the path He willed for her to tread. For a long while she lived in perplexity, doubting if she should wear the habit of St. Francis or that of our cherubic patriarch, St. Dominic. Great was her devotion for both Saints- the first, St. Francis, because she bore his name; and the second, St. Dominic, because she frequented his church where she often received the Sacraments. Her perplexity deprived her of peace of mind in the practice of her many spiritual activities; thus she recoursed to the Blessed Virgin Mary for help, through her Rosary, and the Blessed Mother granted her prayers by taking her out of her state of perplexity in the following manner. One night at her prayers beseeching the Lord to help her make a decision, she beheld St. Francis and St. Dominic in a vision, each one beckoning to her, as what happened to St. Rose of Santa Maria. Both saints caressed and attracted Francisca tenderly; and impulsively she knelt at the feet of St. Dominic giving herself entirely to him and offering to be his daughter, at which the vision disappeared.

In the clear light of this vision, Francisca requested the habit of a tertiary. Her vocation well tested, she was easily admitted into the order between 1682 and 1683. The Lord granted her all her desires, as she was destined to be the bedrock of the "beaterio" in spite of repeated obstacles and contradictions. Francisca then dedicated herself with renewed zeal to the serious exercises of her religion, observing the Rule and Constitution and by-laws to the letter. She increased her acts of mortification, her vocal and mental prayers, and practiced control and obedience to her prelates and confessors so as to deny herself completely and depend upon the slightest wishes of her superiors.

But though she observed an utter seclusion so as to set a good example to Manila citizens, she desired with sheer longing to turn away from all contact with others, and thus imitated Blessed Margaret of Savoy, preferring a life of recollection and retirement of the blessed to the common trends of the laity. She succeeded in fulfilling her desire after several years. Though there were tertiaries, who joining together, lived in a community, Mother Francisca was always one among them.


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Hmna. Melinda Bustamante
Beaterio Generalate
Sr. Adline Perrera, OP
Sri Lanka
Sr. Tomasa Rivera, OP
Sr. Clemencia Zartiga, OP
Tahanang Siena
Hmna. Fely Padua
Beaterio Generalate


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